"Monolith is a two hour audio therapy experience designed to help you heal, meditate, exercise, work, focus, do homework or trip out, if so desired. It's up to you how far you want to take yourself while meditating to this album." 

Remo Camerota

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First Audio Visual Art Two Hour experimental NFT album on a blockchain

An ambient experimental soundscape album in 3 parts x REMO aka Rapid Ear Movement. The latest album by REMO, is currently, only available to own from here and includes a giant physical NFT display, prints and CD, Bonus tracks. Monolith is a sonic audiovisual art project, the first 2 hour, experimental art album, released on Opensea, and on the chain. Only 1 edition will exist of each parts. These can be 100% yours to hold and own the first, audiovisual double album, complete with huge musical plasma screen. An accumulation of over 4 years work, recorded between 2016 - 2020,


and created to journey through the astral dimensions of your mind. A hypnotic kaleidoscope of sound from the binaural spectrum. This music can be used for artistic expression, meditation, exercise, sound therapy, sleep and most importantly, tripping out. Built for the quarantine age and celebrating the Mars Rover landing this week, MONOLITH is inspired by the universe that surrounds us. This limited edition release of 1 comes complete with physical one off CDs with unreleased tracks part 1, 2, 3, plus signed prints x 2, 24 x 12inch,


Visit  remography  to see the NFT, HD audiovisual video and the physical gifts included in this  one off, must have, first in tokenized musical album.

TRACK LIST 1: Titan 2: Saturn 3: Monolith Reprise

This NFT is optimized for your phone following Opensea guidelines. The physical NFT display is full HD quality. Recorded and mixed by REMO - Rapid Ear Movement - 2021.


 Note: Physical items will take between 60 - 90 days to be delivered.